Introducing UPDOG for Binance Smart Chain

Keeping the Puppers Safe ✅

We want to ensure all of our doggos are kept safe from the dog catchers with our Doggie Shelter Tax. 5% of every UPDOG transaction is automatically locked into the PancakeSwap liquidity forever. This ensures a rug-proof liquidity pool which is forever growing.

Throw a Dog a Bone 🍖

Every pup needs to be well fed and our community is no different. UPDOG holders will be entitled to a share of every transaction with our Doggie Treats Tax. This means 5% of every transaction will be re-distributed among UPDOG holders automatically. Watch your UPDOG stack grow with every transaction!

A Charitable Twist 🐶

While we love our UPDOG community, we haven’t forgotten about the less fortunate pups in the real world. We believe in making a difference. Therefore, for every market cap milestone we reach, the team will donate an equivalent amount of BNB to a dog shelter or charity.

Tokenomics 💲

The Whitelist ✏️

The UPDOG whitelist will have 55 spaces available with a 2 BNB cap per spot.

Official Links 🔗




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