Introducing: The Kennel — The $UPDOG incubation program.

2 min readMay 21, 2021

UPDOG’s public launch was only two weeks ago. Still, a lot has happened in this short period. Vitalik caused mayhem by donating his SHIB, Elon Musk went on a Twitter rampage, and we have witnessed the most significant and ferocious BTC retrace in recent history. There’s no doubt it has been a period of great distress in the overall crypto community.

Even though UPDOG has not been immune to these market conditions, our community has proven to be extremely resilient and we are proud of what we have accomplished and how quickly our community is growing! Our initial milestones have been achieved and we could not be happier with the impact our donations have made. This success has not gone unnoticed as we have started to garner support from various notable names on crypto Twitter.

Since we share our success with charities, we attract a lot of interest from various parties. UPDOG’s mission is to support dog-oriented charities across the globe, but other charitable projects have asked us for a helping paw in their respective missions.

With that in mind, we would like to announce “The Kennel”. The Kennel will act as an incubator for projects that aim to impact the world positively. Projects that meet our standards are selected and guided through an incubation program that provides them with various services, i.e. mentoring, advisory, access to market resources, network and funding.

We aim to help bring more truly positive projects to the crypto landscape and strengthen the UPDOG ecosystem.

Benefits to UPDOG Holders

Projects that come through the Kennel will be offered various services mentioned above. In exchange for those services, they will allow UPDOG holders increased odds of being included in the whitelist for their presale. Below are the current details we have outlined for projects (please be aware these are subject to change):

  • Projects incubated by The Kennel will reserve at least 2/3 of their whitelist for UPDOG holders
  • Stealth snapshots of UPDOG holders will be taken at least 3 times between the announcement of The Kennel and the first project launch (for the first whitelist)
  • “Lottery tickets” will be awarded for every 500B UPDOG held by an address, so the more UPDOG you hold, the better your odds of being included in the whitelists! (i.e. holding 1T UPDOG = 2 “tickets”)
  • All lottery tickets from each snapshot will be combined and the winners will be drawn/announced with the whitelist of the launching project
  • Limit one whitelist per address

We are already in discussions with several projects and expect to have our first launch in early June 2020. We are very excited for this new chapter for our UPDOG family and for the opportunity to give back to good causes around the world!

Additional details will be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned!




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