Introducing: The Kennel — The $UPDOG incubation program.

Benefits to UPDOG Holders

  • Projects incubated by The Kennel will reserve at least 2/3 of their whitelist for UPDOG holders
  • Stealth snapshots of UPDOG holders will be taken at least 3 times between the announcement of The Kennel and the first project launch (for the first whitelist)
  • “Lottery tickets” will be awarded for every 500B UPDOG held by an address, so the more UPDOG you hold, the better your odds of being included in the whitelists! (i.e. holding 1T UPDOG = 2 “tickets”)
  • All lottery tickets from each snapshot will be combined and the winners will be drawn/announced with the whitelist of the launching project
  • Limit one whitelist per address



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