Community At Our Heart

What’s Up Dawgs? As we continue our mission to helping our four legged friends in need, we also have been looking for ways to spotlight the amazing people that are part of the $UpDog community. Without our community, this project wouldn’t be where it is today, and we’re so honoured to have caught the attention of so many altruistic individuals within the cryptosphere. We’ve grown from a small team to a full UpDog Army.. ready to change the lives of dogs around the world.

Our Doggy Gram contest gave the community a chance to showcase their love for the project as well as to introduce us to their furry companions. We had an amazing outpouring of submissions from telegram, twitter and beyond, and we’ve now selected the winners through a random draw. We’ll be reaching out to the winners for their $UPDOG treats. This also gets them one step closer for our upcoming incubator project through the Kennel.

Let’s meet the winners!

Winning Entry #1

Winning Entry #2

Winning Entry #3

Thanks again for all the amazing entries and to our amazing UPDOG community. We look forward to many more contents and community spotlights.

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